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Saturday, December 02, 2006

There be Faeries and Dragons and O R Melling

This is a little late but we had a gas of an evening with our
dear pal O R Melling at St Mike's College, U of T, on Thursday November 23rd. This event was organised by Deb Scorsone of the Celtic Society. My daughters Rebecca and Miriam accompanied me on a suite of tunes I have composed inspired by Orla's "Chronicle Of Faerie", comprising of "The Hunter's Moon / The Summer King / The Light Bearer's Daughter". All of these pieces are being recorded for my next C D project called "A Telling". Orla and I talked about our work and answered questions, the friendly audience was certainly a great inspiration for a good gab by both of us. I sold copies of "Jousting with Jesters" and "Bright Weaving" CD's, so a very satisfying event, and great to make new connections. Thanks to Orla for inviting me to be a part of this special evening.


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