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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Concert Poster

Rehersals are under way for the concert on the 14th of September ! It's intruiging to re-visit the music I wrote for "Bright Weaving", it takes me back to the original inspiration, the brilliant novels of Guy Gavriel Kay. The music has grown and the versions of the tunes on the CD are jumping off points for the live versions. I am excited to be playing new music as well, inspired by the works of Caitlin Sweet and R Scott Bakker.
I am honored to have these wonderful writers reading from thier works as part of the event. All the new music will be recorded over the fall and winter for a new CD project called "A Telling". Bakka Books will be selling C D's and books, plus my new kid's book called "Jousting With Jesters", which comes out next week. This will certainly be a special night for me.
Cheers Martin.


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